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Supporting Our Initiative

The number of people suffering from the Usher-Syndrome is small (it is estimated that there are "only" approximately 300,000 to 500,000 world-wide). Public awareness of the illness is also small. In comparison to high profile diseases such as cancer or aids, there is unfortunately very little support for this illness and consequently also very little research. But for those suffering from Usher-Syndrome, research means the only hope - they therefore need YOUR support.

We have very negligible administrative costs, as most costs are covered by special donations from members. Furthermore, all active members provide support and work without payment.

Furthermore, the distribution of our funds is controlled by the German Inland Revenue, the Supervisory Board, Chartered Accountants as well as our "Wissenschaftlicher Beirat" (Scientific Board).

(Donations and Membership Fees are both tax deductible in Germany only.)

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